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The Holiday Season – Thanksgiving through the New Year – is my favorite time of year. I love the crispness in the air, the opportunities for family gatherings and particularly around the Christmas/Hannukah Holidays – the music.

Up until my dear mother passed in 1996, for 17 or 18 years the second Saturday of December we hosted an annual holiday party. On average 200 people would come and bring a dessert or hors d’oeuvres and something for the homeless. I had songbooks made and would conduct the entire room in song until the wee hours of the morning. The evening represented so much of my passion/my life and what Vocal Awareness is about – bringing people together through the joy of song and the empowering experience of being moved by their own voices.

After my mother’s transition, I stopped doing these events for a while. But a couple of my students in NYC wanted me to continue. So for a few years, I did the same thing through their foundations in NYC. One of those dear friends moved to Escondido, CA, several years ago and I now continue the same tradition there. This year it will be December 10th.

As I share these remembrances, I also am reminded of sharing Vocal Awareness during the holiday season on Skid Row in Los Angeles – actually rolling a piano out onto the sidewalk in front of the Weingart Health Center and forming a choir. Other times small groups of us, post our holiday party, went to homes for battered families or the Children’s Hospital, giving and sharing through Voice and song.

In closing, I’ve had a vision for over three decades of conducting a worldwide peace sing. I know it will come to pass. Perhaps you can help in your way to begin to lay the groundwork for the fulfillment of this vision by bringing people together at your holiday table or sharing your Voice in your community in some other fashion. Many of you have heard me speak often about the Power of Voice. It is uplifting and can be transformative. What better way and time could there be than now, for you to discover your Vocal Power through your own spiritual, religious, or life traditions. May you all have a healthy, meaningful and joyous holiday season.

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Vocal Awareness Goal

Communicate More Effectively and Improve my Relationships, both Personally and Professionally.

Arthur and Elizabeth.

Arthur and Elizabeth planning upcoming programs.

The first definition for the word “communicate” in the dictionary says, “to share or exchange information.” The 16th century Latin origin of this word is communicat, which means “shared.” In Vocal Awareness, implicit in the concept of communicating is the notion of speaking or sharing with someone – never presenting or speaking to someone.

In its meticulous attention to detail, Vocal Awareness creates the most effective platform for communicating who we are by weaving our inner Voice through our outer voice. Thus to communicate is, in a word, to “share” who we are personally and professionally, consciously and strategically, honestly and authentically at all times.

Discover Your Inner Voice.
To pursue the goal of being a better communicator – and improving our relationships across the board – we need to truly discover our “inner Voice.” In Vocal Awareness, we start by defining our Persona through a Persona Statement. Consciously developing a Persona Statement means taking charge of how you are perceived – first by yourself, and then by others. Through the process of creating a powerful, integrated Persona Statement, we also discover that context does not need to determine outcome – no matter what the situation, the same authentic Self shines through in every environment. Thus all communication we engage in is of one Voice – it is the truth of our identity, revealed, embodied, and projected outward. The Persona Statement enables us to actually BE, rather than just appear to be, the same person everywhere we go.

There are three steps to creating a Persona Statement (covered in-depth within our VIP Club Toolbox and our Harnessing the Power Within DVD); remember, in this process as well as in life, you are a perceiver as well as the perceived. It’s not just others who decide who you are and what you’re about. The fact is, the way you think or feel about yourself and your actions directly affect how you relate and reveal yourself to the world.

  1. Take your time to honestly answer the following two questions:
    • How do I believe I am presently perceived? Consider the question from many perspectives.
    • How would I like to be perceived? Keep in mind that this is your intrinsic identity, your authentic Self, not just the self you show at work or in your social life. This is how you want to be known by everybody – all the time.
  2. Create representations of each of your two Personas.
    • Drawing 1: This represents how you believe you are currently perceived.
    • Drawing 2: This represents how you want to be perceived.

    Now: What do you observe about your two different pictures? Is one picture more dramatic, colorful, or vibrant? Did something about your pictures surprise you? Consider what you have discovered.

  3. Go back to the statement you wrote in answer to Question 2 and replace the phrase “I want to be perceived as” with “I am….” This is your new Persona Statement.

Incorporate Ritual 7: “Be My Self.”
In addition to memorizing your Persona Statement and being mindful of it as you meet and speak with people throughout your day is the ongoing recollection of the 7th Ritual of Vocal Awareness. The Seven Rituals are part of the total practice of Vocal Awareness that leads to Life Mastery. Once we have incorporated them into our daily life, we can enjoy and control the direction of our encounters, always remembering to listen first to our Inner Voice.

Ritual Seven: “Be My Self,” is singularly empowering with regards to personal and professional interactions in that it reminds us to consistently and consciously give our Self permission to be who we are and never present who we are.

Your Voice is Your Identity.
Vocal Awareness offers the means to make communication more integral, helping you to effectively express your Self. We are empowered through the Persona Statement, Ritual Seven: “Be My Self,” and the many other elements and subtleties brought forth in the Vocal Awareness Method. Through our dedicated practice of Vocal Awareness, we learn to truly claim who we are and be heard, not simply above but also through the din of daily discourse.

Overview of Ritual Two.

Arthur with Cecilia.

Opening the Door to Possibility.

The topic of this month’s VIP Club Module is the simple yet challenging Ritual Two: “Love and Let Go.” An important ritual in enabling us to “open the door” to a deeper connection with Self, it is vital in our Journey to Conscious Awareness.

Joining Arthur in this video is Cecilia Bohorquez, a long-time student and friend who is an accomplished singer, performer and teacher in her own right. Together, Arthur and Cecilia practice and discuss Ritual Two, including exploration of how it differs from a simple state of relaxation, creates a state of safety and security and helps us deal with challenges that come from fear and self-doubt.

The effect of Ritual Two: “Love and Let Go” is clear and persuasive and, through this video, draws us into the sacred “space” it creates. Through Arthur and Cecilia, we feel the possibilities that “Loving and Letting Go” unlocks, including a newly enhanced Conscious Awareness that allows for greater personal freedom, consciousness and confidence.

Success Story

Shira Lazar.

Shira Lazar.

Host and Executive Producer – and Partners Project on Youtube, Social Media Columnist –

Shira Lazar is an Emmy-nominated TV and web personality. She is a co-founder of Disrupt Group, a digital production company behind such popular online shows as the weekly live interactive show and 24/7 news hub What’s Trending with Shira Lazar ( and The Partners Project (YouTube) – both of which she also hosts. Shira is a regular contributor on The Huffington Post and, appears frequently on news channels, and speaks at conferences around the world discussing Internet culture and digital trends.

When asked about her career, Shira says she “didn’t want to wait around for someone to create the opportunity for me. I allowed myself to do what I love no matter if someone told me I couldn’t.” Vocal Awareness and Arthur have helped her in that mission both practically – in terms of helping her access her true speaking Voice – and spiritually, by enabling her to directly explore and access her unique talent. Her goal for herself today is not just excellence at her craft, but mastery. A native of Montréal who now lives in Los Angeles, Shira attended Emerson College in Boston where she graduated with honors and a degree in Communications.

Read Shira’s complete Success Story here.

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