COVID 19—Doing our Best in this Challenging Time To be Here for Our Self

Those of you who have been following Vocal Awareness know that my lifelong purpose  since creating Vocal Awareness over five decades ago is to teach Empowerment Through Voice—life mastery through the metaphor of Voice. Those of you who may be new to the Vocal Awareness Community—Welcome!

We are certainly living in a challenging moment—a time when we may be anxious, scared—feeling a bit fragile—seeking assurance from our leaders and medical professionals. My Bride/I at 74 are the prime ‘target audience’ for the virus. A fundamental part of my responsibility to both of us is of course to be prudent and follow all health protocols. Beyond that, my responsibility is to constantly remind each other how to be here for ourselves and consistently strive to do that—tuning out the ‘white noise’ and not letting anything overwhelm us.

I have a deep spiritual practice that begins each morning around 4 a.m. with 45 minutes to an hour of prayer/meditation. I have literally not missed a day in over 53 years.

Prayer and meditation teach me how to connect with what I refer to as my Deeper Self.

The 6th of the 7 Vocal Awareness Rituals is Pay Attention/Deeper Listening—it is the intersection between Source and Self. Through the 6th Ritual I teach others how to listen deeply to this personal and profound communication that exists within all of us. Recently, when ’tuning in’, I heard that for my Bride/myself all is well and will continue to be so. 

The point of this week’s blog is to remind each of us that we have the ability—mentally/spiritually/emotionally to be positive and strong—no matter what! I do not want this to sound like simplistic advice. It is not. Rather, there is true wisdom here, for when we recognize that God/Source/ourselves are all one, and live according to this truth, our internal vibration is enhanced—we are calmer—our breath less constricted—our body less tense. Emotionally/energetically we become less reactive and more pro-active. This alignment of Source/Self, whether we are aware of it or not, is our due North.

My daily spiritual practice and Vocal Awareness teaches me this fundamental truth. Not only does this comfort me, but also, enables me to live in my higher consciousness/Conscious Awareness knowing that God is always with me. 

Hoping this brief blog not only brings a measure of reassurance, but also a deeper understanding of a couple of practical steps that one might take in  these trying times.