Vocal Awareness: The Call to Mastery and a Life of Achievement

“To Achieve–We must Leap!

Vocal Awareness encourages us to see things as they are and have the audacity to believe we can make them different.”

Arthur Samuel Joseph

This has been an action packed summer for Vocal Awareness, including work with the NFL Broadcast Bootcamp, Lowe’s Regency Hotels, Reel Media Group, the AAJA Journalism Conference, and much more that we cannot share here. There is also important news coming later this month for all Vocal Awareness students, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

It is, however, equally important to pause, to breathe, and to take note of how far we have come individually in The Work. The following is a beautifully written story from a long time student and writer, Jeanne James, on how her Vocal Awareness practice has transformed her life and purpose:


Take the Vocal Awareness Journey: A Path Toward the Sacred

Last evening I was out and about, observing all the other individuals who were out enjoying the mild August sunset—couples strolling together holding hands, joggers and dog walkers, some walking with phones to ears, parents pushing strollers, children trotting along beside them peeking around in that curious way children have of noticing what we adults don’t see. What a diversity of colors they were wearing–purples, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, Dodger Blue, black-and-white, in a variety of patterns in stripes, polka dots, flowers, and abstracts. Yet, every one seemed to enjoy the moment–the fine, mild air, the evening solace, and the company of each other as they walked, greeted each other, and walked on—reminding me that each of us shows up in our own individual way and also, that we all are one Family.

Then I met a young man who was asking for donations for a local charitable organization. He told me that he himself volunteers two hours in order to fund-raise for them. I thought too of the infinite number of ways in which we are all called to serve and serve the Work to make our community, and yes, our world a better place through the gifts we are given.

Such magical moments as this sunset Journey inspire me, and I returned with a renewed sense of belonging and a renewed dedication to hearing and answering my own Calling—making my contribution to serve the Work with such gifts as I too have been given.

We are both the chalice that contains all that is possible and the vessel through which everything passes.

My brief trip to the store serves as my metaphor for Life’s Family, Life’s Journey. It impels me to further document my Vocal Awareness Journey in the way that I too have served as its vessel and as a member of this community and of this Family.

The process of Vocal Awareness is intimate, often delicate, and powerful. It is about giving your Self permission to ‘be’ who you are and to communicate from that point of view as consciously, truthfully, clearly, and effectively as possible.

Change is not easy. Arthur tells us it is intimate work requiring persistent attention to detail, thoughtful consistent practice, unflagging focus, and constant Deeper Listening.

Change, delicate change, has come to me in tiny, sometimes imperceptible, increments—imperceptible to others perhaps—yet, I know it is happening as my body has changed, my attitudes have shifted to a more positive frame of mind, and my spirit soars and soars.

Change came to me most profoundly when I experienced the profound shift that the Vocal Awareness breath makes when I incorporate it into my daily yoga practice. It took me a few yoga classes to coordinate the Vocal Awareness breath, the thanking, the conscious, loving allowing and the loving, letting go breathing rituals, into the opening meditation, then to carry it through all the yoga movements and into the final meditation—11/2 concentrated hours to embody the Vocal Awareness breath—a very different experience than saying the rituals and breathing like a mantra as I went about my work as was my usual practice. After yoga class I walked home feeling like I was floating on the beautiful cloud of my loving breath. Along with Stature, expanding my embodied presence of love allows me to shift my whole being into Vocal Awareness Deeper Listening which has led to a much deeper, more profound transformation.

From the outset of this Journey, my focus has been on transforming my Being in service of doing the Work more effectively to the best of my ability and embodying the conscious, loving breath has given me insight into other needed changes.

In Vocal Awareness we explore who we are capable of being.

As a result of these changes, The Vocal Awareness Journey has revealed a new mission, a higher purpose, and new goals for me to achieve:

To serve to the best of my ability as a role model as one who never ceases striving to live in my higher purpose, to live honoring, and to imbue all my actions with deeper meaning—with all my Being.

Commit to the path of striving to do and be my best—especially facing facts, determining what’s wanted and going after it in a thoughtful, caring, respectful, integral way.

To find spiritual joy and genuine pleasure in the good things my life offers me.

To wear a smile as part of my spiritual practice—both because my smiles go inside me and make me feel better and, I’m told, they make others feel so as well.

Be open to the intrinsic rewards of achieving my goals: satisfaction, the pleasure of overcoming obstacles, joy when all my efforts come together and I achieve even incremental change for the better.

My mission: to serve the Work with humility, with love and joy, and to serve in my way—as an audacious writer who expresses my truth respectfully, thoughtfully, and gracefully and as a teacher who nurtures happiness in my students. To live my credo to the best of my ability: to live in the world with kindness, not add to other people’s burdens, to serve with love with all my heart—consciously striving to do the right thing for the healing of the world.

It is the birthright of all human beings to expand their potentials, express themselves, and enjoy life’s abundance and pleasures, and make meaningful contributions to the community and the world.

Ultimately, writing about my Vocal Awareness Journey is to answer the Call—an opportunity to use this gift to give back for all that has been given to me—to create a living document and tribute for the constant outpouring of fine contributions from individuals in all walks of life who have supported and eased my way.

This writing is my testament and my recognition of the great good spirit of all those who have so very generously given me in unlooked-for, thoughtful help, gracious guidance, stimulating conversation, and congenial companionship, often leading me into playful, happy experiences in the joys of reunion with my Family–all of which I have taken into my heart with deep, heart-felt gratitude–and yes, also in a much grander, more significant way—in service to the Work we all share to answer our higher Calling: the betterment and wholeness of our world.

Recently I wrote about my Vocal Awareness Journey in the hopes that you, my readers, would find much that was compelling you to join the Vocal Awareness Human Achievement Movement. As I have further testified from my personal experience and from within the deep wells of my heart, The Human Achievement Movement is a powerful, enlightened force for good and for meaningful change. I warmly invite you to please join me.

I dedicate this prayer with gratitude and love: To the sister who remembers all my music.


Vocal Awareness/Communication Mastery is an integrative Work. It is cognizant of the intrinsic themes experienced by all of us. You are committing to be your best, not merely through what you do, but in who you are.

Thank you,

The Vocal Awareness Team

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