In my last blog, I spoke about a spiritual ritual built around Breath/Toning/Source/Conscious Awareness which I recommended you practice each morning for one week before rising from bed.

This blog is a follow up.

I begin this week’s blog to provide insight and a sense of ‘oneness’ with wisdom/tradition from multiple cultures/religions dating back thousands of years. All traditions use breath as the foundation for tapping into spiritual wisdom and personal well-being.
Breath is fundamental to all meditative techniques. In yoga, one engages ‘prana’ for example which is referred to as a ‘life breath’—the body’s vital energy. In Hebrew, ‘neshema’ means both soul and breath. In Latin, ’spiritus’—spirit means to breathe.‘Inspirare’—inspire—means to breathe into. 

My Work, Vocal Awareness, builds on these traditions while also offering one exceedingly unique and insightful principle/technique—the act of‘ allowing a conscious loving breath’. Whatever your belief system/spiritual practice, Allowing a Conscious Loving Breath (CLB) will immediately enhance your mind/body/spirit experience. (For specific details on this technique, refer to my blog the week of 3/23 or of course, any of my books, Vocal Power…Vocal Leadership…—both McGraw-Hill.)

Once you have practiced for one week, I request that you now commit to taking two more steps on your Journey to Personal Empowerment.

First, continue your morning ritual beyond one week—integrate it into your life. In the larger context of Vocal Awareness Technique/Practice, I always say to my students, “We don’t leave home without brushing our teeth. We don’t leave home without doing Vocal Awareness.”

Vocal Awareness teaches Communication Mastery.

The overarching purpose of the Work, however, is to teach Mastery through Communication. Vocal Awareness is a method to help us achieve life mastery/personal mastery—sovereignty. So, now that you have begun experiencing the value of your morning breathing ritual, employ it multiple times during your day.This aspect of the Work combined with other Vocal Awareness techniques is what is referred to as a ‘Mastery Moment’ and breath is the key. Before an important meeting—any time that you want to feel more empowered/more Consciously Aware—more sovereign—take 30 seconds to return to the ritual of allowing a Conscious Loving Breath (CLB).

Do not rush; do not ’take it’, simply ‘allow it’ slowly, lovingly, consciously.

30 seconds is one complete cycle of both inhalation and exhalation. When you’ve completed it, step into your meeting/make your important call…

With this fundamental ritual, Conscious Loving Breath, you are now better prepared to be and do your best.