A Birthday Letter From Arthur


A letter from the Master:

“January 23rd marks my 71st birthday!
I always celebrate ‘my day’.

When I send birthday cards, I often say “May your day
and every day be all that you deserve.”

I am sure, for most if not all of us, our birthdays are special.

However, the simple point is—every day should be special!

Perhaps as this New Year is beginning to unfold, we can begin each day striving to do just that—make it special.

Mine always begins pre-dawn with prayer and meditation embodying a Conscious Loving Breath in Conscious Awareness to the best of my ability.

This ritual creates an opportunity to be there for my Self and is an example of what I call a Mastery Moment. I also encourage that you use this Mastery Moment principle multiple times per day, for 30 seconds to one minute, prior to any important meeting. It is a focus technique that enables you to incorporate the mind/body/spirit maxim of Vocal Awareness to fully embody who you are everywhere at all times.

-Arthur Samuel Joseph
Communication Strategist