Author: Kiera Hanselman

The Power of Voice.

As the creator of the Vocal Awareness Method, I have been teaching about the Power Of Voice for over 5 decades.  This extraordinary Work that I have been privileged to shepherd all these years, teaches virtually everything there is to know about Voice. Whether one seeks to study this Method to enhance their leadership skills,…
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A Champion Does it Differently.

It’s appropriate that I write this latest blog today, 2/24/2020, as it is the day of the Memorial for Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna who tragically lost their lives January 26 along with 7 close friends. This past Saturday 2/22 was another tribute. This one a tribute to another great basketball player, my student…
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Live Life On Your Own Terms

The other day I was writing a commencement address with the President of a global hotel chain. Even though he was studying with me, I learned so much from working with him. Something he said in the closing remarks of his address to the student body were: “I can live my life the way I…
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Shift Your “Center of Living.”

Throughout my life I have always taught that the integration of mind/body/spirit is fundamental to personal Mastery. To teach it, I also strive to live these same principles. There is a Hindu proverb that says: “Be mindful of your thoughts, for your thoughts will become your words. Be mindful of your words, for your words…
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To Choose or Not to Choose.

This weekend I was sharing a story with a nephew, of an extraordinary moment in my life a number of years ago when I was a Professor in the Theatre School at the University of Southern California. I had just finished teaching my first Vocal Awareness class and was standing stage right in the Bing…
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Being The Hero In Your OWN Journey At this writing, I am preparing to launch the 55th year of Vocal Awareness. One principle that has remained constant throughout the decades is: The Journey Is Never Outward, Rather, Always And Only Inward Toward Discovery Of The Deeper Self.Just before Christmas, we lost one of the more…
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