Author: Arthur Samuel Joseph

TEDx & Vocal Awareness

Vocal Awareness is Empowerment Through Voice.   If you have not experienced empowerment through voice in person at a live event with Arthur, then you really haven’t experienced the full expression of Vocal Awareness.   Fortunately, we have a powerful video from an event just like that, where Arthur shared Vocal Awareness and Empowerment Through Voice with a brand new audience.     It…
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Use Your Voice For Entrepreneurial Power

Does your Voice empower you? Do you feel empowered to accomplish your goals and dreams with the full potential inside of you? Is your Voice up to the task that your goals have set for your life and career? If you’re a businessperson or an entrepreneur, or you want to do more and make more…
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Arthur’s New Years Letter 2018

As I prepared for this year’s Annual New Year’s letter, I was surprised to discover that this note marks a decade since I began writing annually. Ten years is a benchmark of sorts and with that, I decided that this New Year’s letter would be a review of a few key thoughts from previous years,…
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LIVE Training with Arthur in NYC Nov 17

A Day on Expression with Arthur Joseph and Dianne Devitt in New York Hosted by MEET SOHO This Vocal Awareness Executive Speaking Workshop is a practical, in person guided workshop comprised of the greatest and most comprehensive lessons from 50 years of Vocal Awareness speech and vocal training which integrates the concepts of Communication Mastery with…
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Arthur Featured in INC

If you haven’t read Arthur’s feature in INC Magazine yet, now is your chance. It’s called 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Voice Confidence and it’s written by modern day Renaissance Woman Jackelyn Ho. The article discusses how you can be “your most authentic self in all parts of life.” She…
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The Foundation of Your Legacy Story

  What is your Foundation Story? When you go in for a job interview, or when you meet with a client to pitch your company or service, do you have a Foundation Story? A Foundation Story tells people who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you are going. It lets people know why…
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A Hall of Fame Performance

The Hall of Fame Speech of The Year You may have heard about a rousing speech performed by Vocal Awareness student and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee LaDainian Tomlinson at the induction ceremony. The media praised it as the speech of the night, and one of the greatest Hall of Fame speeches of all time.…
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Pro football hall of fame

A Champion Does It Differently

This August 5th in Canton, Ohio, I am privileged to see my 14th, 15th, and 16th NFL students inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame—Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, and LaDainian Tomlinson. These great champions have studied Vocal Awareness with me for many years. I am honored to say that I also co-created LaDanian and…
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