Allen Hopkins

Soccer Sportscaster


Q. What was your initial attraction to Vocal Awareness, and how did you first learn about Vocal Awareness?

A. I first learned about Vocal Awareness through my representation at Creative Artists Agency. Arthur made an immediate impact and I remember feeling why did it take me so long? I spent my entire athletic life, including a professional soccer career, training and preparing my body. However, I had never thought to ‘train’ my voice nor my state of awareness. There was an immediate and intimate bond with Arthur that has allowed me to make my strengths stronger while making my weaknesses less of an obstacle to finding my own personal greatness. My initial attraction to Vocal Awareness is directly related to my attraction to Arthur as a friend and mentor. With a refined approach and an intuition shaped and honed through years of experience coupled with an innate gift, Arthur is one of the best out there. Period. Each and every session is so valuable and I have come to appreciate not only the work but also the relationship I have with Arthur.

Q. Do you recall a moment when you felt a shift, or even a break-through because of your Work with Vocal Awareness?

A. The moment I felt a shift from my time with Arthur Joseph actually occurred off camera in a conversation with an ESPN executive just a few months after we began working together. In a short but very important ten-minute conversation I was able to communicate what I was unable to do previously in four years at ESPN. I know without a doubt it was because of my time with Arthur. I embodied everything Arthur and I have been working on and to share that career changing moment with Arthur was amazing.

Q. What has been the biggest benefit thus far from your practice of Vocal Awareness?

A. By far the biggest benefit from my time with Arthur is discovering self-awareness deep inside of me that I never knew existed. My work with Arthur has helped to reaffirm the idea that no matter what my work is, it is ultimately about me and my life. It is about more than just a ‘gig’. This is not about the work Arthur and I put in or just becoming a better broadcaster, those are a by-product of Vocal Awareness, it is about me and my mission: To use my unique God-given talent and abilities to display what is in my mind, heart and spirit to the world and leave a positive legacy to my family and community.