Make A Lasting Impact

“We don’t simply drop a rock in the water and it sinks to the bottom. Rather, it creates concentric rings across the surface of the pond, touching everything it comes in contact with.” I was having a video chat with a student the other day, whom I hadn’t spoken with in several months. With tears…
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Being The Hero In Your OWN Journey At this writing, I am preparing to launch the 55th year of Vocal Awareness. One principle that has remained constant throughout the decades is: The Journey Is Never Outward, Rather, Always And Only Inward Toward Discovery Of The Deeper Self.Just before Christmas, we lost one of the more…
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Arthur Featured in INC

If you haven’t read Arthur’s feature in INC Magazine yet, now is your chance. It’s called 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Voice Confidence and it’s written by modern day Renaissance Woman Jackelyn Ho. The article discusses how you can be “your most authentic self in all parts of life.” She…
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A Hall of Fame Performance

The Hall of Fame Speech of The Year You may have heard about a rousing speech performed by Vocal Awareness student and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee LaDainian Tomlinson at the induction ceremony. The media praised it as the speech of the night, and one of the greatest Hall of Fame speeches of all time.…
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RISE and SOAR in 2021 like the PHOENIX.

As I write this year’s Annual New Year’s letter, we are firmly in the throes of  a deadly pandemic. In America we are emerging as well from four tumultuous years of political upheaval. The societies within which we live—our individual communities appear precarious at best. Our entire lives have been turned upside down. We can’t…
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Tune Up Your Life

Except for those who suffered though WWII and are still living, the rest of us are concluding the most tumultuous year in our lifetime. For 18 years until my dear Mother passed, the second  Saturday of December saw 150 plus family and friends crowd into our humble home to sing holiday songs. We watched virtually…
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A Call to Action

Over my five decade plus career, I have been privileged to teach throughout the world—men and women in all walks of life from lay people simply seeking to gain more confidence to corporations working in all levels of the company from administration and PBXto high potentials and the executive team. I have worked with numerous…
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What is Vocal Awareness?

What is Vocal Awareness? How can Vocal Awarness support you in your journey? In today’s video Arthur shares how AWARENESS is the first step…

Taking a Breath vs. Allowing a Breath

Join Arthur today as he explores the power of allowing a breath versus taking a breath.

Arthur Samuel Joseph

Preparation for Your Next Performance.

Today, learn how to implement this “Mastery Moment” exercise before any performance- whatever it may be.

Stature. The embodiment of all we are.

In today’s video I will walk you through how to put yourself in Stature. Join me!

The importance of your character.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” Coach John Wooden Check out the testimonial from Dwyane Wade here.